Why travel with us?

International travel will continue to contribute a great quota to the growth of Nigeria’s GDP. Air travel is one many people find appealing, not because of its affordability or the comfort but because it has been recorded as the fastest means of transportation.

According to the National Bureau of Statistics and the Federal Airport Authority of Nigeria, they have shown that in 2017,  13,394,945 travelers have passed through the Nigerian airports. Many of which have traveled for different reasons ranging from shopping, visiting friends and family, business activities, education and training, and religious pilgrimage.

Due to the occurring issues facing Nigeria as a nation which includes terrorism, insecurity, non-proper health care facilities and so on, many now see it deem fit to either study or relocate abroad. But because of being misinformed on the steps to take, many fall into the wrong hands of travel agents who end up making way with their money.

Ibitees Travels, a subsidiary of Ibitees Integrated Ventures Limited, is here to break that barrier. Our services includes and no limited to:

  • flight bookings
  • hotel bookings
  • visa assistance
  • airport transfer

We also get people to travel as migrant or for studies to countries such as Australia, UK, UAE, India, and the USA. We are known to give the best of customer satisfaction and our mint of professionalism have been tested and trusted.

When you make Ibitees Travels your travel guide, be rest assured that we will make you save money, time and trouble, always ready to be your personal advisor and help you access and evaluate deals. Everything we do will always be at your convenience. With our vast knowledge in air travel, we are known to be trusted in solving problems and our response rate is very impressive. The reason to travel abroad or to any of the countries we are involved in should not be overemphasized. The countries we are involved in most especially are known to have historical track records which will so amaze you to find out on your own. Generally, it will create amazing memories and you will be able to share stories about amazing adventures abroad with friends and family.

Is there a reason for you travelling or you have a favorite travel destination?

Share it with Ibitees Travels and we’ll make that great expedition an AMAZING ADVENTURE.


Peace out………

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