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3 Schengen Countries you would love to visit and even relocate to

It is no news that so many Nigerians travel out of the country for so many reasons, from visiting relatives, to studies, to business trips, to tourism and so many even relocate. According to Nigerian Immigration Statistics, the rate of immigration has been on the increase since 1995 and never declined.

Europe is one of the continents that spacks the interest of many Nigerians, whether you are visiting or going for business or relocating for greener pastures. The continent has beautiful sceneries and historical places of interest. But there is one particular reason why many people prefer to go to Europe.

Have you ever heard of the Schengen Area?

Schengen Area is a collection of European countries without internal borders, an area within which citizens of many non-European Union nationals, business men and women, and tourists can freely circulate without being subjected to border checks.

This means that as a visitor or resident of any of the counties that are within the Schengen Area, you can travel to other countries within the area like you are traveling from state to state. You can visit other countries without having to process separate Visas for these countries. Doesnt that sound exciting?

The countries within the Schengen Area are Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland.Most of the countries in the Schengen Area also speak English well so language should not be a barrier.

If this sparks your interest, let me tell you about 3 countries within the Schengen Area you should visit at least once in your lifetime, that is if you dont consider relocating there.


Sweden is ranked as one of the best countries for immigrants along with Canada and Switzerland. It has a population of about 9.8million and about 10percent are foreigners.

Sweden is well known for a great health care system, quality education (with tuition free many universities and colleges) and wonderful job offers with good salaries. Although taxes are on the high side, people are often comfortable with it because they get enough rewards that actually shows their taxes at work. For example, you can get up to 35 days paid annual leave. Also there are so many holidays on the calendar as a result of many national celebrations. The country is very orderly as queuing is a very common sight in Sweden. The transportation is also very good as the country has functional rail systems and very good roads even in the countryside. Internet connectivity is never a problem in Sweden as they boost one of the best internet services in Europe. If you love alcohol, you may not enjoy yourself so much as alcohol sales are regulated by the government. However you can bond over cups of coffee as apparently there is a coffee bonding tradition in Sweden called Fika.

Sweden shares land borders with Norway and Finland while Denmark, Poland, Germany, Russia, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia share maritime borders with the country. Some prominent cities in Sweden are Stockholm, Gothenburg and Uppsala.



Norway is known to be a very beautiful, peaceful and wealthy country. It has a population of about 5.4 million people. Norwegians are regarded as one of the most friendly and accommodating people in the world. The country has a rich Viking history that the people are very proud of. It is also one of the happiest countries to live in on the planet.

One lovely thing about Norway is that everyone has access to and is allowed to use public spaces (because of a law called Allemannsretten). So when hiking, you come upon a good spot with a mind blowing scenery, you can just pitch your tent and enjoy the view. While enjoying the great outdoors, you can catch a glimpse of the northern lights. However the weather can be unpredictable as temperatures are known to change as altitude rises.

There are great job opportunities. Currently, engineers are on demand in Norway (just saying…) and teachers are very well paid. Taxes are also high but they are fair enough compared to the salaries being paid. Medications are free and the healthcare system is often handled by the government. Can you believe that even fathers get up to 12 weeks paid paternity leave during the first three years after a child is born? Elder citizens are not left out as retirees are paid up to $1000 per month. Taxes are also high in Norway but the system in place makes paying high taxes worth it.

Internet speed is not an issue in Norway. There is a high level of education, very low crime rate, Electric cars are everywhere. There is an industrial boom in the country with a rise in the forestry, mining and fishing industries.

Norway shares borders with Sweden, Finland and Russia. Lovey cities to visit are Oslo (the capital of Norway), Bergen, Trondheim, Stavanger and Kristiansand.



If you think Norway is great, Finland will leave you jaw dropped. According to the UN World Happiness Record, Finland has been named the happiest place in the world 3 times in a row. WHO also has it on record that Finland has the freshest and cleanest air to breath. The country is eco-friendly and devoid of pollution.

Citizens enjoy free education and health care from primary to university level and quite affordable for foreigners. Gender inequality is not an issue as the country is known to support women development. Fathers also get paid paternity leave up to 54 days and mothers get about 4 months paid maternity leave.

Are you looking for a perfect place to start up your business? Finland is a great place for startup businesses. The working environment is known to boost creativity and build resilience. As a foreigner, the international community is also very supportive. If you are an Architect, you would love to work in Finland as the country is famous for great architectural designs and prominent architects.

For fun and relaxation, you can hit the slopes to ski almost any time as the slopes are often covered in snow from November to May due to the long winter. There are over a million saunas for you to warm up in. You also get a great view of the Northern lights. Just like in Norway, there is freedom of movement. There is a concept called Everymans right (Jokamiehen Oikeus, meaning you can walk freely in nature, anywhere you want). There are so many lakes in Finland that you can just decide to take a dip. The food is fresh and tasty but the price of Alcohol is actually very high so they prefer coffee instead. Christmas celebration in Finland is on another level as almost everyone plays Santa. They also have very strange but interesting championships like wife carrying, mobile phone throwing, Air guitar and sports championships.

Finland is bordered by Sweden, Norway, Bothnia and Russia. Cities of interests are Helsinki (the capital), Turku, Lapland, Oulu, Savonlinna and Rovaniemi.

Have I tickled your interest in the Schengen Countries?

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3 Reasons Why People Fall For Travel Scammers

With the raise on International Travel demands in Nigeria, it is necessary to talk about why many fall prey of fraudulent person(s) disguised as travel agents/agencies. According to a publication by The Sun newspaper in July 2018, “…about 40% of intending Nigerian Travellers…” fall victim of travel fraudsters or scammers as we usually call them. These Scammers promise their victims the “Paradise experience” but at the end of the day, they are left in pain and regret whilst many may never fully recover from the loss they incurred in the process.
So let us talk about the 3likely reasons why people fall for Travel Scammers and 3 set of people that would most likely fall Victims of their Scam.

Fear Because it’s Your First Time (First Time Travellers)
Many first time travellers mostly fall victim of these scammers. In the bid to find greener pastures (Education, Career or Business), travelling abroad seems to be the better option that many, especially young people jump at. Looking at the challenges that comes with the process of documentation and traveling, most turn to travel agents/agencies for help. Consulting a travel agent/agency is actually a good idea considering the fact that they understand the rudiments of travelling and the processes required for different countries. However, every first time traveller needs to do enough research to get necessary information. Information about the country you intend travelling to, the necessary documents to aid the process and most importantly the credibility of the Travel agent/agency you intend to use. Don’t be naïve. Many agents/agencies use that against you and unduly exploit you.

Love for Cheap Things (Cheap Thrills Lovers)
Many intending travellers are in search of cheap travelling options. Some of these people don’t really have an idea what it really takes to travel out of the country so when an agent/agency give them some deals that are “too good to be true” they jump at it immediately. People who mostly fall for these type of scam are mostly those who are not really educated, middle-age and elderly people most of whom just want a better life. One fact we should understand is, travelling abroad cost money and the price differs depending on the country you intend travelling to. With the current COVID 19 restrictions around the world, international travel is even more expensive than it used to be. So when someone comes telling you they can get you US Visa and Book you a flight all for #500,000, know you are about to enter “one chance”. Personal advice, like we say in Nigeria, “Awoof dey run belle”. Run from agents/agencies that offer you larger than life options.

Shortcut Lovers (Impatient Ones)
The difference between these set of people and the “Cheap Thrill Lovers” is that these set want to travel “as soon as possible” and “by all means”. Often times they don’t care how much they spend in as much as they get to travel. These are the type of travellers who want to get US/UK Visa in one week without attending any interview. They fall into the hand of scammers and most of the time they regret it. As an intending traveller, you should understand that processing and making proper travelling arrangements may take some time (depending on your kind of travel plan) but going through the right channel will ensure that you have an enjoyable and hitch free travel and stay in your destination. Travel Scammers have cost some of their victims losses that some of them may never recover from. Some are sent back home on arrival, some are deported after a short stay and some even bagged jail terms on account of fake documentation and poor travel plans.

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Travel Smart in 2021

2020 was indeed a year. COVID-19 took us all by surprise and we were not in any way prepared for the challenges that came with the year. 2021 is here but we still have a spillover of issues from 2020.
Sadly, the COVID-19 pandemic is still on the raise in so many countries. As of 20 January 2021, there are 94.9 million cases globally (according to WHO). American and European countries have the highest cases while African and western Pacific countries have minimal cases. Countries like Thailand, Syria and Cape Verde are close to foreigners while many others have strict travel restrictions for travelers.
Countries like the USA, Canada and some European Countries would allow returning citizens and also foreigners with valid Visas in as much as they are able to fulfill the travel requirements.
Most international Travelers are required to present negative COVID-19 PCR test results (mostly not more than 72 hours before arrival) and in some cases travelers will need medical insurance which can cover their COVID-19 treatment. For many countries you may also be required to quarantine for about 14 days. First time travelers may have to up their game during the application process as many countries and not open to new applications.

However, some countries are opening the window of applications for specific professionals like those in the medical line (Doctors, Nurses, Physiotherapist etc), Engineers, Teachers and the likes. Applying via these windows can offer new applicants leverage.
For intending international students, getting admission should not get you overly excited as you may have to begin your studies online and travel at a later date depending on the institution and the country you intend to travel with.
With all the daily changes and regulations as regarding traveling, you may get discouraged or confused as to how to go about your travel plans.

Why not make Ibitees Travels your travel plug in 2021. We have up to date information about VISA processing and traveling related regulations for any country of your choice. We will guide you through the process step by step, for VISA application to flight books, to COVID-19 Tests until you arrive successfully at your desired destination.


Did you know that from January to October 2020, US$935 billion in export revenues was lost in the international tourism sector globally?
According to the United Nations World Tourism Organization, the COVID-19 pandemic hit the sector so badly causing the world to lose 10.5% of income generated from the sector worldwide. This is probably the most loss that the sector has ever incurred on a global scale.

Why travel with us?

International travel will continue to contribute a great quota to the growth of Nigeria’s GDP. Air travel is one many people find appealing, not because of its affordability or the comfort but because it has been recorded as the fastest means of transportation.

According to the National Bureau of Statistics and the Federal Airport Authority of Nigeria, they have shown that in 2017,  13,394,945 travelers have passed through the Nigerian airports. Many of which have traveled for different reasons ranging from shopping, visiting friends and family, business activities, education and training, and religious pilgrimage.

Due to the occurring issues facing Nigeria as a nation which includes terrorism, insecurity, non-proper health care facilities and so on, many now see it deem fit to either study or relocate abroad. But because of being misinformed on the steps to take, many fall into the wrong hands of travel agents who end up making way with their money.

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